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Stephanotis Nosegay

Here's an easy & beautiful floral design you can do at home with our Stephanotis flowers. Here is what you will need:
   1 box of Stephanotis flowers
   floral tape
   Chiffon Bow or Ribbon

  1. First hold the flower and break off the green stem at the base of the flower.
  2. With the end of the steph stem, carefully push out the green stamen from the center of the flower
  3. Insert the pearl head pin into the top of the flower and steph stem.
  4. Stretch a 3~4" piece of tape and start to wrap the base of the flower to the stem to secure.
  5. Wrap each flower individually, and then wrap them together to form a nosegay, add ribbon.

    Enjoy!   ~ Click on the images below for more detail in the above steps! ~

          Nosegay Step#1  Nosegay Step2 Nosegay Step 3 Nosegay Step 4 Nosegay Step 5