Gardenia Bouquet
Gardenias are an elegant and fragrant focal point to a modern or nostalgic wedding bouquet. they make a beautiful nosegay which is one of the most popular bouquets for weddings these days.
With a few simple steps you can make your fresh flower corsage, boutonniere, or nosegay.

BouquetHere's a simple gift you can make for someone special, who loves flowers. Make an event memorable with the fragrance of the gardenia, so distinct, never to be forgotten.

With this project you can make a small fragrant nosegay. you can also use only one or two blossoms to make an elegant corsage with these simple steps.
What you will need:
6 - Gardenia blossoms to make a 6"~8" diameter nosegay.
1 - Chiffon bow or any type of bow 3"~4" diameter
Florist wire & tape

1. First remove the gardenias from the box as directed.
2. Insert a wire horizontally thru the stem just below the flower, insert half way and then bend both sides down to make a "stem".
3. Take the tape and stretch out a small amount (stretching the tape will make it stick to itself better) and start winding the wires just below the petals. Wrap the tape all the way down the stem on each flower.
4. Now you can assemble all the flowers together to form a round globe shape. Tape all the stems together securely. Add the bow and tape again.

Note: Leave the Gardenias in their original box til use, remove bag and carefully unlatch the sides of the box then you can easily remove the flowers without touching the petals.

Ordering Suggestions: For the freshest flowers, we recommend that you select a "delivery date" 2~3 days prior to your event. This gives you enough time to rehydrate or cool down the product in the refrigerator, before use. Gardenias & Stephanotis require prompt delivery. Federal Express is our carrier of choice Priority Overnight service by 10:00am in most cities. We also pack the products with cold gel packs and box insulation to protect our products from harsh temperatures.